Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dolphin Friday

Friday was the day everyone looked forward to the dolphin encounter. But first, we dove to 110ft to explore the wreck of the Aguila. She was sunk by Anthony's Key Resort in 1997. The ship is approximately 200ft long and was broken up into three pieces by hurricane Mitch in 1998. Exciting stuff! Finally, things settled down after lunch as we mingled with the locals in the town of West End.

An artist's painting of the sunken ship before it was hit by the hurricane.

The descent into the deep

Black groupers populated this dive site. Some were 4ft long!

First glances of the Aguila's hull.

The ship's resident green moray eel pays us a visit before returning to its lair.

This yellow grouper sat on the bottom right next to us.

 Another shot of the Aguila

The ship's mast towered towards the surface.

Now in shallow waters we hit up the dolphin encounter.

Good behavior has its rewards.

Swimming with the dolphins!

There was quite the selection of bars and shops in West End.

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