Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Today we dove some more and went to Maya Key for a picnic style lunch. Many of us toured the island and snorkel reef while we were there. Let the images below tell the story!

A Stoplight Parrot Fish "Sparisoma viride" and Blue Tang

The "bus trip" to Maya Key through the town of Coxen Hole.

 An Indigo hamlet "Hypoplectrus indigo" on the reef off Maya Key

A Green Anole "Anolis carolinensis" outside of the clinic.

The Scarlet Macaws "Ara macao" of Maya Key.

A view of Maya Key's main beach. There was a great reef snorkeling spot at the end of the boardwalk (Videos below).
A panorama of Maya Key from the end of the boardwalk.

 The reef off of Maya Key
A crab scurries along the bottom

These parrots were quite excitable.

An upside down jellyfish "Cassiopea frondosa"

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