Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

So it looks like we'll be updating the blog a day behind from now on. Our days have been so busy so it is just easier this way. We did our checkout dives and our first reef dives Sunday morning and afternoon. We had a class session before each dive to ensure we knew our stuff. Checkout all the water action below with photos from Terry and CJ with the camera mask and some pics I took myself.

Before each dive we would have a lecture on a section of the reef. We covered everything from the fish and invertebrates which live on the reef to the corals themselves.

 Spiny Lobster "Panulirus argus"

 Green Moray Eel "Gymnothorax funebris"

 A video of the barrier reef

A yellowmouth grouper "Mycteroperca interstilitialis" checks us out

 A hog fish "Lachnolaimus maximus"

 That thing that looks like a rock is actually a spotted scorpion fish "Scorpaena plumieri"

A school of sargent majors "Abudefduf saxatilis"

The reef made a cavern of sorts which the divers could swim through!

 Many of us were excited to know that there is a happy hour nearly everyday of the week here!

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