Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saturday we return home

Saturday morning we had our last breakfast on Roatan. It was an amazing week filled with adventure. We learned so much about the reef ecosystem and made quite a few friends during experiences we will never forget! A special thanks is in order for Jennifer Keck, the education director at RIMS, Jack Seubert, our teacher, naturalist, and guide for the trip, Frank and Dean (pictured below) for showing us a good time while at sea and keeping us safe on our dives, Frank Morrow at A Water Odessey SCUBA for providing us with a camera mask and for being our trusted PADI SCUBA instructor at Lycoming College, and finally all of the staff at Anthony's Key Resort for providing such a memorable and pleasant experience for all of us! Thank you so much! Here's looking back a some of the memories!



Mi amigos!

Farewell to paradise!

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